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 Clan War Code of Conduct

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Clan War Code of Conduct Empty
PostSubject: Clan War Code of Conduct   Clan War Code of Conduct EmptyFri Nov 05, 2010 11:39 am

All .Intensity members must follow the following rules regarding clan wars.

1) Never verse Mexican clans

2) Never verse Brazillians clans

3) Never verse Quebec/QC/QBC clans

4) Never clan war with a default

5) Never clan war without leader/admin or their permission

6) Never clan war the same clan again if you lose hard. If the score is 3-3 and they win, ask for rematch AND WIN!

7) Never clan war if you're gonna quit any time during the clan match

Cool If you are called for a clan war, YOU MUST AT LEAST RESPOND

9) If there's no one else on, YOU MUST COME TO CLAN WAR, we don't care if you're playing with Baxstar or Greatfullded or if you're playing Fireteam, COME IMMEDIATELY

9) If an admin is present, ask him for a CBL check if you think the opponents are suspicious

10) ALWAYS Check the opponent clan's HS Ratio, KDR, Fireteam combos, Fireteam HS Ratio, etc. IF you have the slightest hunch that they hack, Don't play them.

Clan War Code of Conduct 4eb7e8fcc77b03d78c02bd3fce546706

Goal List cherry= Finished.
cherry Get 5 stars on my profile.
[ ] Get a perm (Gift meh if u want to lol.)
[ ] Rank up to CSM.
cherry Get a KD/R of 1.75
[ ] Get a KD/R of 2.00
[ ] Change my name to Like_a_G36
cherry Get 30 posts.
[ ] Get 40 posts.
[ ] Get 50 posts.
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Clan War Code of Conduct
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