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 XD_Chaos_DX's Application.

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Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator

In-game Name : XD_Chaos_DX
Posts : 99
Join date : 2010-11-02
Location : Behind U!

XD_Chaos_DX's Application. Empty
PostSubject: XD_Chaos_DX's Application.   XD_Chaos_DX's Application. EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 10:47 am

I would like to apply for being a Moderator.

I am very active, love to help people and even being active on this I will still be active on CA.
If there is any sort of misconduct I will not tolerate it and I will deal with it straightaway.
I also love helping other people, this has been a habit since kindi.

I hope'll u pick me as a moderator.

XD_Chaos_DX's Application. CFC4

XD_Chaos_DX's Application. 79f7125ac2b14ed68a8b23da34a46bd6.0

XD_Chaos_DX's Application. Xd_chaos_dx
XD_Chaos_DX's Application. .Intensity
Press the Thanks button if I did anything useful. Very Happy
Goal List Very Happy = Finished.
[Very Happy ] Get a perm (Gift meh if u want to lol.) USP SE, DSR Sub, Valk perms. HORRAY!
[Very Happy ] Rank up to 2lt.
[ ] Rank up to Major.
[Very Happy ] Get a KD/R of 1.20
[ ] Get a KD/R of 1.40
[ ] Get a KD/R of 1.80
[ ] Change my name to -Salvation- (U can gift me a name change if u want.)
[Very Happy ] Get 50 posts.
[Very Happy ] Get 70 posts.
[Very Happy ] Get 90 posts.
[ ] Get 110 posts.
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In-game Name : -Xannoxide-
Posts : 33
Join date : 2010-10-24
Location : Australia

XD_Chaos_DX's Application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: XD_Chaos_DX's Application.   XD_Chaos_DX's Application. EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 10:56 am

Please check your Personal Messages.

This topic is now locked.


War does not determine who is right, only who is left - Bertrand Russell
XD_Chaos_DX's Application. My_ten10
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Vos es mortuus.
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XD_Chaos_DX's Application.
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