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 Forum Moderator Applications

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In-game Name : -Xannoxide-
Posts : 33
Join date : 2010-10-24
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Forum Moderator Applications   Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:01 am

Applications for forum moderators are OPEN!
Please post a topic in the Question & Answers section to get reviewed. All valid applicants will receive an email.

Valid applications are based on the how active a member is, posts, experience, reputation etc.
ALL forum moderators will get their position stripped off them if they do not obey the following rules -

Forum moderators do not get as many privileges such as editing the actual forum. However moderators have the ability to edit posts, ban members, warn members, etc

To apply click here -

Hurry spots are limited!


War does not determine who is right, only who is left - Bertrand Russell

Visit Xannoxide's Blawg

Vos es mortuus.
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Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator

In-game Name : XD_Chaos_DX
Posts : 99
Join date : 2010-11-02
Location : Behind U!

PostSubject: Re: Forum Moderator Applications   Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:19 am

How many spots left? Because I'm might have to correct my app and stuff which might take 2 days +.
Edit:Nvm I got my application down now.


Press the Thanks button if I did anything useful. Very Happy
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[Very Happy ] Get a KD/R of 1.20
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[Very Happy ] Get 50 posts.
[Very Happy ] Get 70 posts.
[Very Happy ] Get 90 posts.
[ ] Get 110 posts.
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In-game Name : Paul_the_Octopus
Posts : 45
Join date : 2010-11-03
Location : Inside a Tempest...

PostSubject: Re: Forum Moderator Applications   Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:24 pm

Voila. I would like to apply for forum moderator ^^

and i also would like to request the right to change ur name colour


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PostSubject: Re: Forum Moderator Applications   

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Forum Moderator Applications
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